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Introducing a new tour division at Tri-State Travel!  iMagination Destinations, specializes in FIT travel, and has brought to life exclusive tours through partnered suppliers that are the leader in the industry. 

Whether it land or sea, we are making travel dreams become a reality.  Visit tristatetravel.com, or call us at 800.779.4869 for more information.  What is Fit traveling? Travelers who fit the definition of FITs usually travel solo, in couples, or in small intimate groups of friends or family. They range anywhere in age, but what all FITs share, by definition, is a desire to avoid mass tourism in favor of an individualized, independent approach, and that is our main focus at iMagination Destinations.

Vacations Are for Relaxing, Not Stressing

Hire a tour company based in Galena, IL to plan your trip

Imagine taking a vacation to a beautiful, exotic location and feeling zero stress during the planning process. The dream doesn’t have to live in your imagination. The dreamers at Imagination Destinations bring it to life. Our tour company send vacationers nationwide to destinations all over the world, including:

Ireland | Central America | Iceland | The American South | New England

No matter where you live, you can reach out to Imagination Destinations based in Galena, Illinois to start planning your best vacation. 

What will your travel company do for you?

If you’ve never worked with a tour company before, you’re in for a fun surprise! It’s our job to make sure your trip goes smoothly and you’re not stressed at any point during the planning process. Our tour company will:

  • Help you decide on a location you want to explore
  • Help you choose activities and attractions to do and see
  • Book your flights, accommodations, activities and rental cars
  • Send you a detailed itinerary of your trip

Don’t spend any more time stressing about your vacation plans. Imagination Destinations has it covered. Call 815-777-2392 today to learn more about our travel agency based in Galena, Illinois.

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